Editorial base on holiday until August 7th

If you have tried emailing us and even ringing us on ye olde telephone but haven't managed to reach us there is a perfectly valid reason: we are on holiday. This means we are busy doing anything and everything else apart from work. Hence you have no alternative but try and manage on your own until we return to the HQ. If you are a review author unsure of something to do with your review, please don't forget to consult the Cochrane Handbook and the myriad online resources Cochrane has to offer. It is very likely you will find an answer yourself. Or consult your co-authors.

When we return on August 7th we will be happy to continue answering questions and sorting out things as per usual. We will do our best to sort through the pile-up of stuff as soon as possible.

Until then we wish you all the best!

Jos Verbeek, Coordinating Editor
Jani Ruotsalainen, Managing Editor