And now for something completely different!

Dear fellow carbon-based life forms. Following the upheaval that saw Jos and I being ejected from FIOH in May, I started to look for employment elsewhere thinking it was probably smart at least to try. As a back-up plan. There was no guarantee that Cochrane Work would continue operations under the UEF umbrella. To my utter surprise I landed a researcher job at the Finnish Medicines Agency. Unfortunately this meant that I had to say goodbye to Cochrane and all the wonderful people involved. Thankfully I was able to do this in person at our recent symposium in Amsterdam. And now I do it also in writing. Between 2004 and 2019 I have had the exceptional pleasure to work with my dear friend, mentor, Gandalf/Obi-Wan spirit guide Jos and also a good many of you reading this. There are too many of you to thank by name. During my Cochrane years I have learned a lot and traveled far and wide. Now as Jan and Julitta do their best to take over, I hope you lot don't give them too hard a time. They'll get the hang of it. Eventually. I'm just glad that Cochrane reviews remain the bees' knees and our group's ones especially so. I wish you all love and success and happy fluffy things! Live long and prosper.


This is your former Managing Editor signing off. Over and out.