Priority topics

In 2012, we asked our Editorial and Advisory boards to rate a list of thirty titles of possible OSH reviews according to their importance and relevance. Then we subjected the resultant top 20 to another round of rating with our Group members. Having done this, we can be more confident that we know what our target audience wants to know.

Here are the final top 10 titles ranked most important and relevant to OSH. We hope we can attract potential authors to think about how these coud be elaborated to whole research projects.

  • Change of culture in organisations for preventing occupational injuries
  • Interventions for preventing musculoskeletal symptoms/disorders
  • Interventions for preventing violence in healthcare (one review and one protocol in development)
  • Safety education and training for preventing occupational injuries
  • Ergonomic interventions for preventing back pain
  • Interventions for preventing falls from heights
  • Interventions to enhance physical fitness in workers
  • Interventions for preventing pesticide exposure in low and middle income countries
  • Ergonomic interventions for preventing knee pain
  • Accident investigation for preventing occupational injuries

We also contributed four titles onto the Cochrane-wide list of top priorities. These are:

  • Personal protective equipment for preventing infectious diseases due to contact with contaminated body fluids in health care staff (review published)
  • Interventions to prevent occupational noise-induced hearing loss (update to begin in 2016)
  • Education and training for preventing percutaneous exposure injuries in health care personnel
    (protocol published, review under way)
  • Interventions to implement lock-out-tag-out safety devices to prevent amputation injuries (not taken yet)
  • Aggression management training for preventing violence toward healthcare workers (protocol published, review under way)

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