Registering a new title

Cochrane is moving its editorial process to the online submission system Editorial Manager. Potential authors interested in submitting a review proposal to Cochrane Work should log in to Editorial Manager at and select Submit New Manuscript. For further information see our instructions for authors on submitting new proposals. If we are interested in your initial proposal we will invite you to submit a full review proposal via an online form within Editorial Manager.

More information about a new title

The titles of Cochrane reviews all follow a similar logic. New titles should therefore fit one of the three prescribed formats:

1. [Intervention] for [health problem], or

2. [Intervention A] versus [Intervention B/Control] for [health problem], or

3. [Intervention] for [health problem] in [participant group/location]

For example: "Manual material handling advice and assistive devices for preventing and treating back pain in workers"

All Cochrane reviews pass a three-phase production process:

1) Title registration with a Review Group
     - A thorough check that the title is relevant
     - Avoids duplication of effort
     - Grants authors the entitlement to carry out the review
     - Following submission, editorial feedback given within four weeks

2) Protocol (a detailed research plan)
     - Peer-reviewed
     - Reduces bias as authors cannot change their research question to suit the results they find
     - Following submission, editorial feedback given within six weeks

3) Review (realisation of the protocol)
     - Peer-reviewed
     - Following submission, editorial feedback given within six weeks

     - Regularly updated (ideally) ad infinitum