Resources for peer referees

Thank you for kindly agreeing to referee one of our draft protocols or reviews that has been submitted for editorial approval.  You can find all the materials you need on this page. You may have already noticed that instead of peer reviewing, we use the term peer refereeing. This is to avoid confusion because the written products to be evaluated are called reviews.

If you are not yet a referee for us but would like to volunteer to join our panel of peer or consumer referees please use the referee registration form

Peer Referees

Peer referees comment on the content of draft protocols and reviews during the editorial process. 

Consumer referees

Consumer referees are given the opportunity to comment on draft protocols and reviews from a consumer perspective. Input from consumer involvement ensures that consumers' views are taken into account when review questions are being decided and results presented.

  • Consumer referee checklist for PROTOCOLS
  • Consumer referee checklist for REVIEWS