Starting a new review

Here you can find and download a variety of information and support materials to help you develop your new cochrane review.

How do I go about starting my new review?

Once your protocol has been accepted for publication, you should discuss with our Managing Editor how you will run your systematic searches. In some cases we can run some searches here at the editorial base but certainly not all searches for all reviews as we currently do not have an information specialist to do this.

When does my new review need to be completed by?

We will agree a deadline with you for submission of your draft review, usually within 12 months of the protocol being published.  If we do not receive your review within two years of the protocol first being published we will withdraw your protocol from publication in The Cochrane Library and de-register the title, in line with Cochrane Collaboration policy.  It is important to keep in touch with us about the progress you are making on your review.

How do I access my RevMan5 file to work on my review?

All reviews must be developed using RevMan5 and accessed through checking your RevMan file in/out of  ‘Archie’, Cochrane’s central server for managing and storing documents and contact details.  You should check out the file from within RevMan5.  See the IMS web page for Cochrane authors for more information about using Archie and RevMan.

Cochrane Handbook and the Cochrane Style Guide

It is important that you read the IMS web page for Cochrane authors where you can keep up to date with author information.  You will also find a link to the latest Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions which is the official document that describes in details the process of preparing and maintaining Cochrane systematic reviews.  Cochrane reviews should also follow the style described in the Cochrane Style Guide.

I don't have access to The Cochrane Library, what should I do?

Please contact

Where do I find out about training workshops and other sources of support?

Please register for the appropriate Cochrane training workshops as soon as possible to help you develop your new or updated review.  It is also important that you make contact with the Cochrane Reference Centre in your region to enquire about the support they can offer you as a Cochrane author and to register on training workshops to help you prepare your review. You can also access the online learning resources.