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As with any research, the first and most important decision in preparing a systematic review is to determine its focus. This is best done by clearly framing the questions the review seeks to answer. Well-formulated questions will guide many aspects of the review process, including determining eligibility criteria, searching for studies, collecting data from included studies, and presenting findings.

In Cochrane reviews, the research questions are summarised in the title.

The titles of Cochrane reviews all follow a similar logic. New titles should therefore fit one of the three prescribed formats:

1. [Intervention] for [health problem], or

2. [Intervention A] versus [Intervention B/Control] for [health problem], or

3. [Intervention] for [health problem] in [participant group/location]

For example: "Manual material handling advice and assistive devices for preventing and treating back pain in workers"

NB. Please consult the Cohrane Library first and foremost to see what has been registered already so that your proposal avoids overlap!

If you wish to register an occupational safety or health-relevant title of a review that you wish to conduct yourself, e-mail to CochraneWork[at] with your suggestion. If your proposal appears to be relevant to our group and does not overlap with an existing title, you will be asked to fill in our review proposal form.

NB. If your title is not relevant to our group, WE WILL NOT REGISTER IT!

Please use the Cochrane Work review proposal form ONLY for titles that are relevant to us.