Trials Register

NB. We have discontinued the publication of our trials register separately! It has been subsumed into Cochrane CENTRAL. This is due to limited use and resource constraints. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The Cochrane Work Trials Register consists of three databases that contain references, NOT full articles. The studies relate to the prevention and treatment of occupational or work-related diseases, injuries and disorders. The references have been obtained from MEDLINE and by handsearching. There are three databases: EBM studies, Before-After studies, and systematic reviews. We have separated studies that have employed a reasonably high quality methodology (randomized controlled trials, controlled clinical trials, and interrupted time-series) from less rigorous studies (uncontrolled before-after measurement only).

The adequately rigorous EBM studies can be used to facilitate decisions in patient care and policy making. The BA studies should only be used for hypothesis generation, learning about efficacy, understanding the limitations of generalizability, and gaining additional knowledge about a particular intervention. The BA studies should NOT be used to draw inferences about effectiveness.

These three databases contain references that have been classified and quality checked for our databases. The EBM and BA-studies databases mainly contain references from 1990 up to 2010. There is a random sample of references from 1980's, and references are continuously added as we progress with our systematic searching and classification of articles.