The very basics

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Cochrane Work Review Group is one of the many groups collectively known as Cochrane.

Our aim is to find out what are the best ways to protect ourselves against health risks and dangers that exist in the workplace. What helps to reduce stress in health care? How can we prevent deafness when there is loud noise at work? How can we prevent falls if we have to work on a roof? How do we best prevent explosions? These are the types of questions that we would like to answer.

We do so by collecting all the available research on the effects of specific protective measures. The results of these studies are combined in reports that are called systematic reviews. Our systematic reviews have found out that hearing protection does not reduce noise-induced hearing loss sufficiently and that cancer survivors benefit from measures aimed at preventing job loss. To date there are 157 systematic reviews or protocols of reviews to come on topics relevant to OSH available in electronic format in The Cochrane Library.

It has been shown that Cochrane methods generate the most reliable and up-to-date knowledge of what works in health care.

Cochrane Work Review Group builds on the work of the Cochrane Occupational Health Field (COHF). It was registered as Cochrane Occupational Safety and Health Review Group on the 30th of July 2010. Following Cochrane-wide rebranding in 2015, the name was changed to Cochrane Work. It is one of 53 collaborative Review Groups within Cochrane.

Cochrane Work's latest (2017) Impact Factor is 9.846.