Special Collection: Coronavirus (COVID-19): infection control and prevention measures

Cochrane Work's Review Personal protective equipment for preventing highly infectious diseases due to exposure to contaminated body fluids in healthcare staff is part of the Cochrane Library Special Collection on infection control and prevention measures. Jos Verbeek & a Cochrane team updated this PPE review in March 2020 and this update is awaiting publication. This review evaluates which type of full body PPE and which method of donning or doffing PPE have the least risk of self‐contamination or infection for healthcare workers, and training methods to increase compliance with PPE protocols. The associated Cochrane Clinical Answer is: Which type of personal protective equipment (PPE), and which interventions to increase PPE use by healthcare workers, help reduce the spread of highly infectious diseases?

The Special collection on infection control and prevention measures pulls together the Cochrane Reviews that are identified as most directly relevant to the prevention of infection. It includes reviews that evaluate the effects of interventions referenced in the WHO interim guidance for the 2019 coronavirus outbreak (28 January 2020), as well as other potentially relevant reviews from three Cochrane Networks:  Cochrane Public Health and Health SystemsCochrane Musculoskeletal, Oral, Skin and Sensory; and Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care. It was first published on 4 March 2020 and updated on an ongoing basis.