Funding our group

How your organisation can contribute

  1. Currently, we're looking for funding for our COVID-19 priority program.
  2. You can support the Cochrane Work bursary fund with any sum of money. We will acknowledge your support here on our website.
  3. You can support us with travel grants to better communicate within the editorial board, to enable us to assist authors around the world or to enable us to organise Cochrane Work Review Courses in other parts of the world.
  4. You can commision a review that has a high priority for your organisation. Depending on the experience of the authors and the amount of studies in the review, it will take somewhere between three months and one year of working time to complete a full review. Taking the whole editorial process into account including the finding of referees and copy editing the text, a review project will take between one and two years.
  5. You can also devote your employees' working time to conducting a Cochrane Systematic Review with our review group.

    Please contact us if you would like to take up one of these options.