Our scope

Scope of our work

  • Exposures, risks and dangers at the workplace
  • Prevention of occupational and work-related diseaes
  • Improving work participation
  • Health promotion at the workplace

Occupational health interventions

Our group supports the consideration of topics about the effectiveness of occupational health interventions. These interventions can be aimed at prevention, treatment, management or rehabilitation.

In supporting authors to write systematic review and because many occupational health interventions are difficult to randomise, we accept the inclusion of all trials that include a concurrent control group as well as interrupted time-series designs as evidence of effectiveness. Decisions to include non-randomised studies will be made on a case-by-case basis and will be based on the feasibility of randomisation for that particular intervention.

Since many of the topics within our scope are also included in the scope of other entities, we will not pursue a topic without first consulting the other entities which we expect to have an equal interest in the topic.

Other questions

Although Cochrane is geared towards answering questions about effectiveness of interventions and accuracy of diagnostic tests, our Review Group is also interested in, and has some experience of, addressing also etiological and prognostic questions. So, if you want to find answers to questions like "What factors contribute to the development of {a particular occupational health problem}?" or "Given the existence of {some specific risk factors}, how likely is it that a particular patient develops {a particular occupational health problem}?" then get in touch.