We aim to treat all our stakeholders fairly and equitably. We aim to support all Cochrane members and supporters as they contribute to the organization’s mission and activities. Cochrane members and supporters have a responsibility to work within the structure of accountability in their dealings with each other, including complaints.  If you have a complaint, in the first instance it should be dealt with directly between the parties involved, and at the most local level possible thereafter. This recognises that the earlier and more directly a complaint is raised, the greater the chance of successfully resolving it. Where resolution is not achieved or possible, the complaint can be sent to Cochrane where it will be handled in accordance with Cochrane's complaints procedure. This procedure is intended to be used by:

  • Anyone making a complaint about the conduct or behaviour of a Cochrane member or supporter, or a group of members or supporters, who has been unable to resolve the matter directly with the member(s) or supporter(s) and/or locally. 

  • Cochrane members or supporters who have received a complaint about someone they manage, supervise or oversee in relation to Cochrane activities.