What authors can expect from us

We have only limited resources. However, we do the best we can in helping you out and providing advise and support with your Cochrane review. The support we can give may change over time as our circumstances change. We ensure that our limited resources are used to the maximum benefit of the users and funders of the CRG. Decisions in relation to prioritization of reviews are inevitable.


  • make explicit to potential review teams the level and type of support we can provide at that moment;
  • acknowledge receipt of completed Cochrane Review Proposal Forms and inform the authors within two weeks of receipt of the Review Proposal Form when they can expect to receive feedback on their proposal;
  • provide potential review teams with up-to-date details of the editorial process and timelines for new proposals submitted for editorial consideration, including information concerning prioritization of topics;
  • respond to correspondence from their review teams in a timely manner;
  • put potential review teams in touch with their reference Cochrane Centre if required.