Search strategies

Our aim is to help users of research evidence cross the most difficult barrier, i.e. knowing how to search for - and hopefully find - reports of research studies in electronic databases such as Medline. That is why we have developed special search strategies for the retrieval of intervention studies on occupational health and safety. If the intervention you are interested in is such that it can be conceivably randomised, to minimise the risk of bias caused by study design, then you might wish to combine your intervention search with an RCT design filter.

If this is all gibberish to you then you might find what you were actually looking for via the FAQ links provided below.

I want to know if {my intervention of interest} can improve {a particular occupational safety/health outcome}. Is there a Cochrane review that already answers my question? Browse through the list of existing OSH reviews. If you can't find one then search for primary research, i.e. occupational health intervention studies.

I want to search for randomised controlled trials.

I want to know if {a particular exposure} causes {a particular occupational safety/health outcome}. Do Cochrane reviews answer questions about etiology?

I want to start my own Cochrane review and conduct a systematic search. How do I register a title?

I already have a registered title. How do I get to the searching bit?

I want help in searching for research evidence for another purpose than conducting a systematic review.