Additional search support

It is always highly recommended to seek the assistance of an information specialist in designing and running searches. The Cochrane Work search page aims to provide sufficient support for information specialists and skilled searchers to design their search strategy ready for peer review by the Cochrane Work Information Specialist (CWIS). 

In addition to this, Cochrane Work offers the following degrees of support regarding search strategies for Cochrane Work Systematic Reviews: 

  1. Consultancy;
  2. Translation and running of searches in required databases;
  3. Full support (designing the search strategy, reporting and delivery of de-duplicated bibliographic records).

Due to limited resources the level of support available for each individual project varies.  

 1. Consultancy 

This service may refer to everything related to searching, i.e.: 

  • Designing a search strategy;
  • Reporting a search strategy;
  • Bibliographic record management.

Each Cochrane Work Systematic Review project is entitled to 2 hours consultation of the CWIS. 

2. Translation and running of searches in required databases 


  • This service always requires peer review of the search strategy by the CWIS in advance; 
  • The requested databases are not or no longer available to the author team; 
  • The author team is not familiar with the requested databases but is able to design a search strategy in PubMed or Medline. 

Available databases can be requested at the CWIS. 

 3Full support (designing the search strategy, reporting and delivery of de-duplicated bibliographic records) 

Full support by the CWIS comprises query and protocol co-design, consultancy during scoping fase (creating a reference set using citation analysis and similarity tracking, guidance in searching trial registers etc.), design and running search strategies in relevant databases, reporting strategies, co-writing of the methods, often resulting in an acknowledgement as contributor or co-authorship. The latter compliant to the guidelines issued by the ICMJE: 

Full search support by the CWIS is only available for high priority reviews and will be based on a decision by the Cochrane Work editorial team.