Rejection of a Cochrane Review

Cochrane's Editor(s) can reject a Cochrane Review at any stage before publication (including unpublished protocols, unpublished Cochrane Reviews, and Cochrane Reviews that are being updated). Authors should note:

  • Registration of a new title or drafting of the protocol for a Cochrane Review by a specific author team does not guarantee publication for that team.
  • Publication of a protocol does not guarantee authorship or publication of the subsequent review; and publication of a Cochrane Review does not guarantee authorship or publication of an updated version.
  • Authors are free to submit elsewhere a Cochrane Review that has been rejected on the condition that no reference is made to the manuscript being a Cochrane Review. 
  • Cochrane has the right to register and publish a Cochrane Review on the same topic as a rejected Cochrane Review with a different author team.

Please read more about the reasons to reject a Cochrane Review in the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Resource.



Any disagreement with the decision to reject will be considered according to the Cochrane appeals policy and process.